Oklahoma 2018 Mid-Term Elections

State Wide

I am a Jr. Strategist for the Gubernatorial Campaign for State Senator Connie Johnson. I am one of those leading the push for the passage of SQ788, legalizing Medical Cannabis, in Oklahoma. I am hosting the 420 Registration, Education and Campaign Rally, in OKC, to promote the Primary Election in June 2018 that will move Connie Johnson forward to the General Election. The 420 Campaign Rally will also have professionals to educate about cannabis, ppl on hand to help register ppl to vote, live performances, vendors. I am also working with American Medical Refugees and the Millennium Grown Network, under the direction of Amy Dawn Hilterbran. Major announcements are being lined up as far as my music. Follow this historic movement. Stay plugged in at Dre GainezZ Artist on FB, Follow on Twitter and Instagram.